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So is this really free?
Yes, I initially started out selling the packs at a low cost however I have since decided to offer them for FREE.

How can I find out the resolution of my digital photo frame?
This info may be contained in the specifications section of your frame's manual. You could also try Googling for the product name/part and see if that brings back any results. If in doubt, try downloading a few different packs from our site and see which resolution looks best. Most frames under 8 inches are 800x600 at most, usually less. Frame measurements describe the diagonal distance from one corner of the screen to the other corner. Do not include the outer frame area when measuring.

How can I tell if my screen is 4:3 aspect or Widescreen?
4:3 proportions are more like a regular printed photo. Widescreen (16:9 or similar) is naturally wider and similar in proportion to a widescreen TV.

The images look stretched/distorted or fuzzy.
Try downloading another pack with a different resolution, you may have the incorrect resolution for your screen.

Why do you have so many packs at different resolutions?
An LCD screen has as a "native resolution". Images will always look best when they are matched to this resolution which is why I offer a selection for best results. This also enables you to save space on your frame if you choose the image pack with the correct resolution.

Why are there black bars down the side of the image?
You likely have a widescreen screen (16:9 or similar) and are attempting to view images designed for 4:3 screens. Download the widescreen version if available.

Can I link to you from my site?
Yes, of course. I encourage you to tell as many people as you can about my FREE products. All I ask is that you dont link directly to the zip files and instead link to the main website address at or an internal page if you would prefer. Thanks in advance if you decide to link to me.

Can I display the images at my business
Yes, provided you are not profiting directly from their display.

Can I resell the images?
No, not without permission. Please contact us to discuss.

Will you be adding additional image packs?
Yes I intend to add images regulary so please check back soon to see what else is available.

I've got an idea I think would work well in a frame, can you do it?
Perhaps, I have lots of ideas myself and only so much time. Email me if you have a suggestion. Note that if you do decide to suggest something then you will not be reimbursed for your efforts unless otherwise agreed.

Can you do a custom project for me?
I will certainly look at all custom projects and let you know if Im willing.


Please Email me if you have further questions.

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