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Love Quotes for Digital Photo Frames

Your file download is available below. The file is zipped for ease of transfer and contains jpeg images at multiple resolutions to suit most frame standards. You will also find a text file which contains additional instructions. Don't forget to back up the files to CDR or other storage medium.

Download Image Pack - (11.4mb)

Images are included for the following screen resolutions:

  • 1024x768 (4:3)
  • 800x600 (4:3)
  • 640x480 (4:3)
  • 320x240 (4:3)
  • 320x234 (4:3)
  • 800x480 (Widescreen)
  • 480x234 (Widescreen)

If your screen does not match any of the resolutions above we suggest using the closest match. Please email us and let us know the resolution of your screen in this case and we may consider creating an additional pack to match your resolution if there is sufficient demand.

Each pack is designed to be uploaded to your frame and viewed as a slideshow using the existing features of your player. You can choose to intermingle the images with your existing photos randomly or play them in sequence. (*Playback methods may be dependant on the features of your particular model of Digital Photo Frame).

License Details
You are not permitted to redistribute or modify the files in any way unless written permission is given by Whilst all care is taken in the production of these files, we will not be held liable for any damages caused by their usage.

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